Tuesday, February 7, 2012

McMahon Happenings

I know it's been a while since I've updated. It's on my to-do list everyday, and everyday it gets bumped to tomorrow's to-do list. So, I'm going to wrap a couple blogs I've been meaning to do into one blog. 

First off is our attempt at using Kaden's new wagon that he got for Christmas. FAIL! It was really cute, but Kaden had no interest in sitting in it. He wanted to stand and look around. We didn't even make it half way down the street before we turned around and headed home to get the stroller. I tried to give him toys to distract him. We also tried to use the "seat belt", but he wasn't having that. We'll try again when he's a little bigger. 

We've graduated to the "big boy tub" during bath time. We got this tub that came with a seat for when he was younger. Once he started sitting on his own, we took out the seat, and he can sit and play. He loves to chase around his toys in the tub.

Meal times have been a bit challenging lately. He's very picky. He does not like baby food. And for the most part, he doesn't like to be fed. He wants to feed himself. This limits what he can eat. I found this apple & oatmeal breakfast I thought he might like. It has chunks, so it's not like baby food...or so I thought. So he mostly eats veggies, and cut up fruit. And apparently he doesn't get tired of it...at least not yet. I love watching him eat!!

You can tell from the shirt (that was once white) that an 8 month old feeding himself can be rather messy. You'll see in the pics below that we now resort to eating in a diaper. A bib only helps so much cause half of his food ends up in his lap, on the floor, etc.