Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Story Time

I've been taking Kaden to story time at the library the past few weeks. I think we've been the last 4-5 weeks. The first two times we went Kaden was a mess. It was a new place to explore and he was crawling all over and into everything. I'm not going to lie, the first week, I used cheerios to keep him sitting still. But, now, every time we go, he gets better and better. It's called story time, actually I think it's official name is Mother Goose Story Time, but we do so much more than listen to a story. Usually there's only one (maybe two) books read. We sing songs, play with a parachute, have bubble time, read a book, and then they throw out tons of toys and books and let the kids go to town. There's babies from 9 weeks to 3 years old. Kaden has a great time, and it gives me a chance to chat with other mommies. Here's some pics from the last time we went. 
 He was fascinated by this toy. We may have to get one for home. He loves it!
 Kaden played (mostly--he also attempted to chew the bells) this instrument the whole time. He also sang while he played. He had the other moms cracking up!
 We enjoy our library time!