Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Thanksgiving Tradition

I'm sure several of you have seen this idea (thanks to Pinterest). We decided to jump on board this year. This is our family's "thankful tree." I thought it would be a good tradition to start as a family. Obviously this year Kaden was not old enough to participate on his own, but in the future he will be. And we think it's important to teach him how to be thankful. So I put together this little tree.
 Each leaf had something written on it that either myself, Micah or Kaden is thankful for. 
 Some things, like chocolate, were not as important or serious as others. However, I am VERY thankful for chocolate...some days more than others!!

 Other things, like family, faith, salvation, we are grateful for everyday!!

We enjoyed this little tradition. We got lots of compliments on our tree. I hope you took time this Thanksgiving season to be grateful for all we are blessed with. We look forward to continuing this tradition on with our kids!