Monday, December 12, 2011

Kaden Meets Santa--Take 2

Last Friday my parents took off from work to spend the day shopping. It's one of their many annual traditions. The past few years I've taken off work & joined them. This year I didn't have to take off. Kaden & I tagged along. As we were walking through the mall, I noticed Santa didn't have a line. I couldn't decide if I wanted to pay to have his picture taken. We hadn't planed to visit Santa that day. We went through a few more stores, and I decided if there was no one in line when we passed back by, we'd stop. I guess it was meant to be. We walked right up to Santa. I wasn't sure how K would act. He had just woken up from a nap, and wasn't freely handing out smiles. But, as you can see, he did good. The camera lady had some jingle bells, and that made him happy. I'm glad we stopped. His smile was worth it! We never really did Santa growing up, and we haven't decided if we'll do it with K yet, but it makes for a cute picture!