Sunday, December 25, 2011

7 Months

I know I'm a little late on this post. OK, about 2-3 weeks late. But we've been so busy with the hustle & bustle of Christmas, this blog post just kept being pushed to tomorrow's to-do list. We're currently in the car traveling from Dallas back home, and thanks to the wireless card we have internet. So, here's the long awaited 7 month post.
At Kaden's 6 month check-up, he was 16lbs, 10oz and 25.75 in long (25th percentile for both). Dr. said he's slowed in his growing, but he's doing just fine developing so there are no worries. I haven't done an unofficial home weigh-in in a while, and we're currently on the road for Christmas. I'll try to do that soon!

 Sleeping Habits: We're improving in the sleep area. Micah & I decided to start the cry out method. For future children, we will know that when the Dr. tells us to start at 2 months we should listen to him. I just couldn't do it. We tried a couple times, but I would break down. So we decided to try again a couple of weeks ago. The first night we put him down about 9:00 and he cried for about 20 min before he fell asleep. However, he slept unto 7:30 the next morning! I was sold!! It's still hard. Sometimes he goes right to sleep, sometimes he still fights it. And now he can pull himself up to standing, so he fights it even more. We discovered he could pull himself to standing one night when after he fell asleep Micah went to check on him. We do that every night because sometimes his arm is through a bar, his head is on the bumper, or he's all twisted. This particular night, Micah walked in to check and he was sleeping in a standing position with his hands & head rested on the side rail of his crib. It was then we knew it was time to lower the crib mattress. Nap time has also improved. I can usually get him to take 2 naps that are an hour to and hour and a half. As well as a couple that are 30-45 min. 
 Eating Habits: 
Kaden's eating habits have been changing a little. I still nurse at each meal. That hasn't changed. However, we've been exploring more table foods. Things we can mush up. Mashed potatoes, carrots, beans & rice, bread, etc. He's getting to where if he can see "big people" food, he's not gonna eat his baby food. He'll push it away in hopes that mommy & daddy will share whatever we're eating. And typically we do. Also, I started buying teething snacks & baby sacks. He LOVES those!! And they're a lifesaver to have at restaurants. He's getting really good at being able to pick them up and eat them himself. We've tried several flavors in snacks banana, sweet potato, cinnamon maple & cheddar. His first top tooth has just started poking through, so I think sore gums have been affecting his eating a little bit.

 New Tricks:
 Kaden is on the move. He crawls, he sits, and his newest trick is pulling himself up on the furniture, stairs, crib....whatever he can. He can pull himself up to standing, but getting back down to crawling & sitting is harder. Usually he just topples over. I have to stay really close to try to keep him from crashing down each time he starts climbing. But he doesn't like being restrained. He likes to be able to be down and moving around. He's "talking" and laughing alot these days. I think we hear "dada" but I don't think he realizes he's saying it yet. We're also working on the bye bye hand motion, but it's definitely still a work in progress!
  Dr. Visits: 
We haven't been to the Dr. since we went back for Kaden's 6 month shots. Our next scheduled appointment isn't until 9 months. Hopefully that'll be the next time we see the Dr. However, he's been tugging at an ear, so we may be back sooner. I know sometimes that can be related to teething, but we're not going to chance it if he keeps tugging.
  General Observations: 
We're loving every day with our little guy. He keeps us on our toes. We can't turn our backs for a second. He's still very much a mamma's boy which bothers some people, but it's to be expected since I'm a stay at home mom & he still nurses. Hopefully when we begin weaning him, he'll be a little more comfortable around other people. He loves it when his daddy gets home in the evenings. Usually by then we've just had about enough of each other, I'm trying to cook/clean, he's fussy & wants to be held. When he hears the door open, he gets really excited to see dad! As I mentioned earlier, he's working on getting his first top tooth (3rd tooth total), so he's been a little more drooly & fussy than normal lately. We love every day with Kaden, & love to see the new tricks each new day brings.