Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kaden's First Meeting with Santa

Yesterday Kaden & I "chaperoned" another field trip with my mom. We went to the health museum in Houston. Santa & Mrs. Clause were there. I wasn't sure how Kaden was going to react to Santa. He didn't seem to mind too much. I think he was more interested in the teddy bear Mrs. Clause gave him. I didn't get any smiles...but I didn't get any screams either. 

 I think Santa was very excited to see Kaden. The museum was hosting Special Ed & Life Skills classes. Santa had just had a big group of teenagers take turns sitting on his lap. I think my little 7 month old was a nice break...and relief for his leg. :) He wanted Grammy to get into the picture too!
 He also wanted one with me & Grammy, but that didn't really turn out. Kaden was reaching for me. There was a long line & my camera isn't the easiest to turn over to a stranger and explain, so we took the ones we got, and moved on with the field trip. 
 The Christmas tree had ornaments on it that blew bubbles. Kaden was fascinated by the bubbles. He wanted to catch them so bad!!
 It looks as thought he's trying to eat the tree. Not so!! He's just trying to catch the bubbles.

 We couldn't get a smile cause he was too preoccupied with the bubbles. 

As always, we had a good time with the kiddos in mom's class! We love "chaperoning!"