Monday, May 13, 2013

McMahon Pool is Open!

Our neighborhood pool is not open, but as of today, the McMahon pool is. We kept the pool we had from last year, but when we brought it out for Kaden's party, we noticed it had a leak. Micah tried to fix it, but we didn't think it was going to make it. So, Sunday after church, we went with Uncle Ryan to his place of employment, and used his employee discount to buy a new pool! Yay for discounts!

After Kaden and I went for a walk this morning, we had dad inflate it for us. My plan was to fill it, and let it sit in the sun to warm up some while we did lunch & a nap, then play in the afternoon. That plan failed! As soon as I turned the water on, he was trying to climb, clothes & all. 
Silly mommy...I should be smarter than that!
 While we were filling the pool, Dad decided to mow. And Kaden thought it was hilarious to chase daddy down with the hose!  
 Daddy is a good sport, and he let Kaden get him wet. Although, daddy is probably smart, because I'm guessing the cool water felt good while he was mowing!
 Little boy loved his new pool! It's a lot bigger, deeper & taller than his last pool. He has a little trouble crawling in & out...but that doesn't stop him!
 I'm not sure if he had more fun with the hose or in the water!!

 I love my little water baby! He loves the sun, water & outside! I am looking forward to having so much fun with him this summer!

While he was playing, some clouds rolled in, and it cooled down a bit. But he did not want to get out. We went straight in from the pool to the bath tub. His little lips were purple, so we warmed up in the bath. 
After daddy finished mowing, he sat in the pool with K. Kaden loved "swimming" with daddy. And, because mommy was apparently too dry, they ganged up on me to make sure I didn't stay that way! I'm sure we'll be spending lots of time in this pool this summer.