Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I don't know why I'm just now getting around to doing this, but I thought I'd share our Tuesday with you. Micah left at his normal 5:15 am for work, and it took him about 2 hours to get there because of the rain. That's 30 min extra to his already long drive. He had already been frustrated cause it took him 3 hours to get home in the rain Monday night. We thought things were going to be better since Tuesday afternoon was rain free. Not so much! He didn't know before he left or alternate routes might have been an option. However, he discovered after sitting (yes, no movement) on I45 for 3 and a half hours, all lanes of I45 were under water and only the shoulder was passable. He left work at 3:30 thinking he was going to have an early night, and he didn't get home until 9:00. Yes...over 5 hours on the road. And we thought his 1.5 hour trip was a long time! Needless to say, neither of us were in a good mood when he got home. Pretty much ate and went to bed! Fun times! 

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad Day

Earlier this week (Monday I believe it was), I was having  a bad day. Just a lot going on, and I was tired and frustrated. I called my husband while he was on his way home from work and cried and vented on the phone for a good 30-45 min. I was at church when he got home, so when I arrived, I came home to this. Gorgeous flowers, awesome chocolate truffles, and a very sweet card. (There was also a box of honey buns on the table, but they didn't make the picture cut). It was SO SWEET! It made everything disappear for a little while. I'm so happy I married him! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Toy

This is my new toy. For a wedding present, my sweet hunny got me this new camera. I absolutely love it! Although, I'm beginning to wonder who it's really for. He has it just as much, of not more, than me! Anyway, he knows I like pictures, scrapbooking, etc, so he got me this. And, he wants to get me into some type of class. I'm not sure if I'd ever be a photographer, but it would be fun. I love taking pictures, and I'd like to have some pointers. Especially for trips and kids down the road. For now, I just have fun playing with it! He's so good to me!


Our honeymoon was AMAZING!!! We had such a good time! We went where several of our friends have gone, and we loved every minute of it. It definitely came highly recommended, and now we know why! We didn't do anything, as far as excursions go, other than spending half a day in Cancun, but we had so much fun just relaxing and being together. We're ready to go back! We're already planning an anniversary or "just for fun" trip back! Again, pictures are on Facebook, but here are a few as well.

Beach in Cancun

Our friend at the resort.

Dressed to go out to dinner.

This is there version of napping on the beach. An actual bed! Talk about amazing! The only bummer is it doesn't do much for tanning!

Outside of the Lobby

Where we got our massages on the beach.

Laying on the beach.

Our room.

I'm Alive!

Alright, I know some of y'all were beginning to wonder if we were still alive since I haven't updated the blog since before the wedding. Yes, we are, and we're doing great!!! For those of you who weren't at the wedding, it was great! It was such a special time for Micah and I. My father and Micah's grandfather performed the ceremony, and we had lots of friends and family there celebrating and supporting us! We have some pictures up on Facebook. Below are a few from the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. We had a blast!!!