Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Hair Cut

We took Little Man to get his first hair cut yesterday. He's needed one for a while, but it was one of those things we just kept putting off. So, yesterday we finally did it. When we walked in, they asked me to pick out a movie for him. Baby Einstein was on the list, so of course we chose that. And we picked out the firetruck seat to sit in. He was the only customer there when we went. All was well....
 Until she put the cape around him. He DID NOT like that. Hindsight, I should have just told her to cut his hair without it. I kept thinking the movie would calm him down. Baby Einstein always works!!
 Daddy brought him a train from the toys to hold on to, and that, with the movie, worked for a little bit. 
 And when she walked away to get a different comb, or something, he was fine.
 But then she was back, and he was not happy again. He was literally trying to get out of the seat. 
 So I thought maybe if I held him, he would calm down. By this time, she was almost done. She was super fast. And I'm amazed how straight most of the cuts are with the amount of moving & fighting he did. 
 And when she was done, he went right back to playing with the trains. 
 He was talking & as happy as he could be! 
 Until we left, and then he was mad cause he wanted the trains. So...I'm thinking I have a good Christmas present idea! 
The haircut was a success. He wasn't as happy as he could have been, but I wasn't shocked!! Next time I'll remember no cape & bring a sucker! Those always keep him entertained. When we got home, I was watching him run around playing, and I almost shed a tear. I told Micah we needed to take him back to get his hair put back on. He looks too much like a big boy now, and this momma is not ready for him to grow that fast!! But he sure is a handsome big boy!!

Future Aggies

One of Micah's college roommates, Paul, lives about 20 min from us with his wife and baby. The rest of Micah's roommates are pretty scattered. However, his friend & roommate, AJ, along with his wife & baby girl, came to visit from Dallas. They were actually here visiting Holly's family, but they drove over to have dinner with us Monday night. So Micah & two of his buddies were all together with their wives & babies. This was actually the first time we all met Miss Kendall (AJ's baby). Her & Cameron (Paul's baby) are only about 5 weeks apart. And Kaden is about 10 months older than both of them. The two little ones played well together. 
 Kaden was more inclined to play on his own. We joked that he was too old to play with babies. Or it's just the only child in him!
 However, the babies weren't going to let Kaden play with all his cool toys by himself. 
 Cameron joined in on the fun....
 And eventually took over! One for Cameron!
 After we exhausted all the toys inside, we headed outside. Everyone took turns in the swing. Check out that hair! :)
 And little Mrs. K was was so tired, but she enjoyed the swing!!
 And after the swing, we hit the pool. We just hopped from toy to toy!
 Even little Miss K got in to feel the water, but she was ready for bed. Her early bedtime spoiled her fun...but I don't think she cared. 
 Before she went down, we tried to get a group pic of the daddies & their babies. 
 I took several pics, but this is about as good as it got. If the babies were looking, the daddies weren't. And if the daddies were, the babies weren't. 
 And then Kaden decided he had enough. And the other babies were looking at what's your problem??
 And then all was well again!
 We had so much fun chilling with all the babies Monday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swinging {Kaden Approved}

This week on Kaden Approved is one of Kaden's favorite past times.

 That's right...swinging!! Really Mr. K loves anything outdoors, but he really loves to swing! 

We put Little Man in a swing when he was little, and he was all smiles. 
We put him in a swing now, and he's still all smiles. As a baby, he would nap in his swing. And I've caught him falling asleep outside in his swing. 
Look at these smiles!!!
We can go outside to swim, eat watermelon, play in the grass, whatever...but we always end up in the swing. 
It's so nice to have an escape if Little Man is tired, grumpy, or needs to run off some energy. 
There are a couple of parks that we go to regularly to swing with a different view. 
So, this little activity is DEFINITELY Kaden approved!!! Therefore, it's mommy approved too! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

MOPS-Craft Time

We had our second MOPS meeting yesterday. Little Man did a little better in his class...I think. They didn't have to page me. My table was in charge of snacks & set up yesterday, so I had to be there early. He was the first one in his class. He started crying as soon as he saw the door. I tried to calm him down, but he wasn't having it. So the teacher just took him and went walking with him. When I went to pick him up, he was the last kid (cause we were also responsible for clean up). He was sitting with a rather unhappy look on his face. As soon as he saw me, he started crying. However, as soon as we got outside to the car, he was happy & talking. Such a silly boy. 

Anyway, to the point of my post...not that you don't all love stories of my little guy! ;) Yesterday was craft day at MOPS. We made these cute little ABC Scripture books. I've seen them on Pinterest. I've even pinned it with the intention to make them.
 However, if you know anything about Pinterest, you know that in most cases it's more about pinning, and not so much doing. So I had good intentions, but I'm so happy that we did these at MOPS, cause there's really no telling when/if I would have ever got them done!
 The thought is that we mommies to younger children would begin teaching our children early the importance of learning scripture. These are good to keep in our purse, diaper bag, car, bedside, etc. Most of the verses are short and easy for kids. Little Man is a little young to be memorizing scripture, but it's never too early to read it to & pray it over him. 
So we, me mostly, enjoyed another MOPS meeting. So glad I decided to join this year!

The website for these books (and other activities) is

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fruit 'n Yogurt Snacks {Kaden Approved}

On this edition of Kaden Approved:
 I couldn't think of what to use for this week's series... like there aren't a hundred things to choose from. And then it dawned on me this morning as Little Man was downing these snacks by the handful.
 He likes to of all kinds. And he goes through liking and unliking some foods. But so far, he LOVES these snacks. 
 Really, he likes any kind of gummy fruit snacks. However, I can't really get him to eat yogurt or drink much milk. So when I found these, I thought I'd try them. 
 He will literally put as many as he can in his mouth. I have to slow him down.
 And he was watching me like I was going to take them from him. Maybe it's because I "taste test" one every now and then. :)
 Here he's trying to pick up all the remaining snacks on his snack left behind. 
 They're probably not the healthiest snack in the world, but he does eat lots of fruits & veggies. These are just easy to keep in his case of *emergency*. You know... like when we're walking through the store and I just need to entertain him while I grab the last few items. :)
So there you have it. A snack that is Kaden Approved. There are tons of snacks that are approved by Kaden. I just happen to pick this one for today's edition. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

Daddy had a free day today, so he surprised us last night and said we would be spending the day together at the Zoo. Mommy was super happy because: I love the zoo! I also love that you can take your own wagon, stroller, food, etc. into the zoo. We loaded up the wagon with drinks & snacks and were ready to go!
When we got there we stopped at the "schedule wall"  to plan out our route for the day. We knew there were a few things we really wanted to see. And they all happened to be first on the list, and back to back. So our first stop was the elephants... to watch them be bathed and fed. We also were able to see them do a few tricks while we were there. 
Little Man slept the whole way to the zoo, so it took him a little while to wake up when we got there. He was kinda clingy to daddy at first.
However, when he saw that he could climb up on this elephant pedestal, he quickly woke up. We had to pull him away from it. 
Next we hit the African Safari. On the way we stopped at the reptiles to watch them feed a rat to a Viper. It was pretty cool. However, I opted not to share pics. They're not bad, but I was sticking to pics of Little Man. You're welcome Grandparents! :)  I think he enjoyed the Monkeys. They always put on a show and were pretty active today. I heard one zookeeper say that since it's been cooler lately, the animals are a lot more active. And we got there early, so they were out and about. 
Little Man played in the huts for a while to run off some energy. See how he's discovered that his cups can be "hands free." Who knew???
We stopped next to see the giraffe feedings. You could actually pay to feed the giraffes. We didn't this time, but I'm sure we will in the future when Little Man can participate.
He did like stopping to "pet" this giraffe. 
His favorite part of the zoo was the Children's Zoo area...surprise, surprise. He was able to run all over and see animals on his level. 
He tapped on the window to "talk" to the bald eagle. 
He slid down the slide. If you look real close, you can see his dirty face. But you gotta love that smile! 
Him & Daddy climbed through the tunnel to be little prairie dogs. He was a little confused when he saw me standing outside of the tunnel taking pics. 
There were 3 tunnels to walk through, and he did...multiple times. We had to pull him away from the tunnels. 
We also had to drag him away from this fox cave. There was a little fox in the cage next to it, and he followed that fox back & forth through the window for a while. 
He enjoyed pushing all the buttons to hear the animal sounds... except the fox growl that was pretty loud, and scared him every time. 
We "petted" the duck statue. 
Then tried to pet the real duck...who was very eager to snap at his chubby, little fingers. 
Then we went in to pet & brush the goats in the petting zoo. However, he was more concerned with trying to brush his own hair. 
And poke at the goat's eyes. He has a fascination with eyes. This goat was a trooper. 
And the highlight of the day, at least for Little Man, was the splash pad. 
That would be my child running around in the t-shirt and swim diaper.
I was smart enough to make sure we had a swim diaper, but not a swim suit. Oh well, there were kids running around in much less! 
He played a lot in the water today. Maybe because it was pretty hot outside at this point. This was pretty much the conclusion of his zoo experience. 
I say "pretty much" because this is how he looked the remainder of our zoo trip. We didn't do much after the splash pad. Micah and I walked through a few more exhibits, mostly indoor. And then we took our Little Man home to rest. I think we had a fabulous day as a family at the zoo! I look forward to many more trips! 
And since it's technically still summer, and the zoo was on our Summer List, we've checked off one more item from our list. We did pretty good!!