Friday, May 31, 2013

First trip to the Zoo this Year

Kaden and I got season passes to the Zoo for Christmas, and we hadn't used them...until yesterday. We went with my friend Melanie & Kaden's friend Carson to the zoo. We've been to the zoo several times but I think this is the first time the boys actually knew what was going on and enjoyed it. Sometimes Kaden impresses me with how much he knows. He knows lots of animals, and the sounds they make. He had so much fun seeing the elephants, giraffes, & monkeys. 

 We have a picture of the boys with these rhinos on one of our first trips to the zoo. I think we're going to take one every time we go, so we can watch them grow!!

 Carson is smiling cause he's happy to be standing on the log. Kaden is scheming on how he can jump off of that top log. I can see the wheels spinning in his head....

 And the giraffe. Kaden loved the giraffe! In fact, we went back twice to take pics. And I had to drag him away both times. This may be another picture we take each time to watch growth!
As always, we had fun with our friends at the zoo, and we look forward to going back soon!


The Links said...

I'm so mad at myself for letting another Springtime go by without taking Pearson to the zoo. I want to take him so bad, but now I have waited until it's hot. We will still probably go because I know he will love it but I'm already dreading the heat. I can't believe I haven't taken him yet!!!