Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My brother just bought (with the help of my parents...come one, he's a college kid!) a new trailer in College Station. He's what you refer to as "anti-social" and doesn't like room mates. Not really...but kinda! So, anyway, on Memorial Day we drove to College Station for the day to see his new place and took a walk/drive down memory lane. Serena has never been to CS, so we narrated as we walked around campus & drove through town. Daisy has always said she wants to go to A&M (like her big sister), and since Serena is her BFF, she does too!
The girls in front of Kyle Field. 
We were excited to see the new MSC, but it was closed for Memorial Day. The bookstore attached was open, so we were able to look in through all the doors and windows. And since it was so, stinkin hot outside, Kaden was excited about the dunk in the new MSC fountain. He would have been perfectly content hanging there all day. 
The girls in front of the fountain.
Two former & one future Aggie. :)
We showed the girls the Century Tree. Since Micah and I didn't get engaged until after we had moved away from CS, we had never walked under it. 
And neither had my parents.
And Kaden just had fun chillin on one of the tree branches. He didn't want to get down. 
And my sweet sister (who was not at all in the mood for pics!)
I always love going back to CS and talking about old memories! Oh the good 'ole days of college!!

The Pool Opened...Finally!!

Our pool finally opened last weekend, but we were so busy that we never made it over. This past weekend, however, with the extra day, we did manage to go over for a little bit. Kaden wasn't sure what to think at first. Although, he's walking pretty confidently by himself, he wasn't quite ready to let go of daddy's hands. I think it was all the people that were there. 
 He kept pointing to the water jets, but he didn't want to get too close.
 However, eventually he warmed up. And there was no stopping him. He wanted to be independent to move on his own.
 If he wasn't walking, he was doing the "Mowgli" walk. I'm sure the ground is rough on his knees. 
 He climbed in and out of the kiddie pool. I think he had more fun just climbing everywhere.
 When he was done with the water, he just wanted to walk around and explore. 
 The whole time he was walking (with or without daddy) he was making the weirdest humming noise. Micah & I are convinced he can only walking if he's making some sort of noise. 
 After the pool, we let our wet son crawl around in the sand. Serena & Daisy were playing in the volleyball court. And daddy was playing basketball with some neighborhood & youth kids. (I believe he's "singing" in this picture. We were laughing so hard at him cause he was either singing or yelling through the fence at the kids still swimming! He's a goof!!)
 A very wet & sandy K had fun walking & exploring all over. 
 We took the beach ball and he was loving it! He'd throw or push it, then go chasing it. 
 Daddy & some of the kids playing.

 Look at that intensity!!
 K thought it was so funny when Serena & Daisy hit the ball back and forth. They even let him hit it a few times, and he thought he was big stuff.  

 Then they sat and watched the sun set & the ducks swim by. I think K pointed out every duck. We had a great time!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baseball Time!

Two weekends ago was a busy weekend for us. I spent all day Sat. at my sister's track meet, and Micah had to work. Micah was a little sad when he realized that our busy weekend was the same weekend the Rangers were in town playing the Astros. We usually try to make at least one game when they come to town. We made a last minute decision to go to the game Sunday after church. 
It's been a long time since just Micah & I have got away for a little while...especially to a baseball game. But we had a great time! 

iPhone Pic

The Rangers pulled off a win (after their loss the night before). That made Micah even more happy!

This past Friday (25th) was Micah's birthday. We have a new Independent baseball team here in Sugar Land, and we've been itching to go to a game. Lucky for us, my dad bought a package of tickets this first season. He so generously let me have the tickets for Friday night's game. I didn't tell Micah until he got home from work. He knew I had a date night planned for his birthday, but he didn't know what. When he got home, he showered, and I gave him a shirt to wear. When he looked at it, he realized it was a Skeeters shirt, and thus the secret was revealed. 

We loved the family, small-town feel of the stadium. We had a great time!
My dad's seats are great! We definitely had to watch the game because our seats were in foul ball territory. And about the 3rd pitch of the game came right toward us. It hit the mascot as he was walking by. 
We had a great time at both games. Micah especially loves this time of year!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Track Meet

My sister, Daisy, and her best friend, Serena, run on a select track team. They have meets every Saturday. I hadn't been to a Sat. meet yet. This past weekend, my dad was at a Men's Retreat, and Micah had to work, so I told my mom K & I would go with her to the meet. It was a LONG day! We sat out there for 8.5 hours to watch a total of about 15 min of running.
So, we had to find ways to kill time. And we did. 
We ate goldfish by the handful.
 We played with the beach ball.
 We took a nap. (Notice the pants have disappeared. My mother believes babies should roam around in a diaper. And it was 95 degrees!)
 We just looked cute!
 We stood at the fence and cheered on Daisy!
 We read books. 
 We looked out the fence at all the cars driving by!
 We played in the grass. He loves the grass! A lot of kids don't! He's 100% boy!
 We watched planes. (We were close to the airport, so landing planes flew right over us. Some were pretty low. Kaden would point to all the planes he saw pass)
 We played on Grammy's phone. 
 We played in the icy water from the ice chest.
 We watched Daisy run.
And again, yelled at all the cars passing by. (Also, this is the only time a little cottage cheese & rolls on your thighs are cute!)
 Look at that aggression!!
 And cheered on Serena!
We had a good time! It was a long day! But we enjoyed it. And since K loves being outside, he did so good!!!

Mother's Day...a little late!

This is me last Mother's Day. Rough...I know. But, I had been in labor all day, and didn't know it until I got to the hospital and was told my water had broke, and I was 7 cm dilated. We met Kaden about 30 min later.
Yes... it was close & fast. And nothing will ever top that Mother's Day. I had secretly prayed the night before that if God wanted me to meet K on Mother's Day, I'd be pretty cool with that, but I would have never imagined it going down like it did. I love telling his birth story, although I don't think I have here. It's a little TMI...not sure I'm quite ready for it to be out for all the world to see/read.
Anyway, this Mother's Day was much less stressful. After church, my dad & Micah let mom & I pick where we wanted to eat. We chose Willies. We love Willies. It was a beautiful day. They had all the doors & windows open. 
 Isn't my little family beautiful?? I have two handsome boys! They make this mommy very happy! 
 My mom makes me happy too! I'm so glad that God made her my mom.
 That night we went to my parents for dinner. My mom's birthday was the day after Mother's Day, so my brother fired up the grill for dinner. 
 K had so much fun swinging while Grammy shot bubbles at him. He was belly laughing as he tried to catch them.
I'm so grateful for a wonderful mom, mother-in-law, and mostly for being a mommy to this precious boy! I never realized how much I would love him, and it makes me so grateful for how much my mother loves me and all she sacrifices for me!