Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fire Station #7

Today we had a "Mommy & Me" play date with our MOPS group. We went to one of the local fire stations. They gave us a tour of the fire station, talked about fire safety, and then let us explore the fire trucks. Kaden was a little young, but he loved seeing the fire trucks!
And climbing all over them...
 He did not, however, like when I put him in the firetruck with a fireman, and walked away to take his pic. He definitely follows the "stranger danger" rule, and does not like when I'm too far out of reach!
 Again, there are no smiles, because the fireman to the left is closer to him than I am. 
 This fire truck is almost 100 years old, and the men are working to restore it. Kaden got to "drive" it & ring the bell. He thought he was big stuff!
As we were leaving the station, they got a call, so we got to stand outside and watch them all jump in and head off. Lights, sirens, the whole bit! That was probably his favorite part...that, and the cool hat they gave him. He's normally not a hat wearing kid, but he wore it around the station. When I loaded him in his seat, I took it off, but as I was driving away, I looked back, and he had put it back on. Then he wore it through Target as I grabbed a few items. We had fun with our MOPS friends & the nice firemen!!