Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cutest pumpkin in the Patch!!

I've already taken pictures of Kaden in a pumpkin patch, but we went again today. For a couple of reasons. 1. I wanted to attempt to get pictures of Kaden smiling. Attempt #2 was about as unsuccessful as #1. That's ok, I still got some really good ones! 2. Daddy went with us, and we wanted pictures with him. 3. We're having kids over to carve pumpkins tonight, so we needed pumpkins. I'm glad we went again. We had fun! I love my little pumpkin!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

2nd Field Trip

Today Kaden and I "chaperoned"our second field trip with my mom. She took her class to Dewberry Farm. We had so much fun! It's too bad Kaden didn't enjoy it as much as I did. However, I know for sure we'll be taking more trips as a family once he gets older. I can't wait until we can take him, and he can actually enjoy it!  
 With Grammy on the wagon ride. 
 On the wagon ride.
 Passing the sunflower patch. I love sunflowers!
 Kaden got to pick his very own pumpkin!
 I don't think he thought it was as much fun as we did!
 Look at the goats. If he was a little older, he could have fed them. One day...

 This thing was called the black mamba. It was basically a swing. I held him while we were swinging. He wasn't quite sure what to think.
 At the entrance to the corn maze.
We had fun today. I'm glad I went, cause now I know I can't wait to take him back!!

2 Teeth

Last night at bath time, I attempted to get pictures of Kaden's 2 teeth. I noticed he had a tooth coming in at the beginning of this month. You couldn't really see it, but you could feel the points if you rubbed his gums. Now both of his bottom, front teeth have come in. They're still hard to see, but definitely more noticeable. Since he loves bath time so much, I knew it'd be easy to get smiles from him. I was trying to see if I could get the teeth to appear in pictures. Getting a smile was the easy part. The hard part was getting the camera at the right angle, snapping the picture at the right time, and trying to keep the camera dry. He gets so excited, he starts kicking and splashing. Usually I get a bath too...rather I want one or not. 
 So, it took several attempts, but you can just barely see the two little teeth he has at the bottom.
 It looks like two little white dots, but they are definitely teeth.

 After several shots, he became more interested in the wash cloth, and getting a big enough smile was not going to happen!

 We'll keep trying!!

Ranger Fan in Training...

In our house, we like to start brainwashing training them early. If Micah has his way, Kaden will grow up to be as big of a Ranger fan as he his. However, if Papa & Uncle Ryan have their way, he'll cheer on the Astros. I think dad will win out on this one! Him & Kaden have been watching a lot of Ranger games, and this past week, we've been cheering on the Rangers for the playoffs and World Series. Kaden won't remember it, but Micah's been waiting his whole life for a World Series win! Hopefully we get it tonight!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last week my friend Melanie and I took our boys to the pumpkin patch. Yes, they're only 5 & 8 months old, but every child needs a fall picture in a pumpkin patch. So, we planned to meet at a church pumpkin patch that was close to her house. I got there first and realized there was no one there. I drove around the parking lot until I saw a sign that said Pumpkin Patch open 11 to dark. It was 10. I called her to let her know it wasn't open yet, but she was right around the corner. When she got there, she parked beside me so we could decided what we wanted to do. She started to convince me that there was no gate, no fence, we weren't going to steal pumpkins, we just wanted pictures, and we'd be done before anyone got there. I didn't really need convincing. I figured they trusted that no one was going to come steal pumpkins, or they'd have more security. I'm confessing all this, because we may have broke into a church pumpkin patch. But honestly, we just took pictures!!
 Kaden was not at all cooperative. He was in a good mood, but there was no smiling! It didn't matter what silly faces, sounds, voices, etc. I made. I tried all my usual tricks, but nothing worked!
 Look at that face! It's like he's letting me know there will be no smiling!
 Apparently he was just in a chill mood! Good thing he's cute no matter what kind of face he's making!
 I thought maybe if I sat with him, maybe a little tickle, I'd get a smile!
 Nope! But, we had fun. At least Melanie & I did anyway. I'm not sure the boys had any clue what was going on, except that their moms were acting crazy!
We tried to leave before anyone got there, but we were caught. As we were walking to our car, someone came out and asked if we needed help or found the pumpkins we wanted. We told them we were just taking pics. I don't think he was in charge of the pumpkin patch, but he told us he'd help us if we needed it. After we left, I felt like I should have bought a pumpkin. Maybe I'll go back. We're carving pumpkins this weekend, so I do need a pumpkin!

Daddy Babysits

On Monday nights, I go to a ladies Bible Study. We're going through a 12 week Bible study of Kay Arthur's "Covenant." It's been great! I totally recommend it! Anyway, since I get out for a couple hours to hang out with other ladies, daddy gets to babysit. At first I wasn't sure how well it was gonna go over. Not because I don't trust Micah, but because Kaden is a little bit (under statement) of a momma's boy. He's with me all day, so he comes by it honestly. And, the evenings tend to be when he's the grumpiest...not that he's always grumpy, but he's not always in the best mood either. Anyway, we are on week #5, and so far he's done great! Daddy keeps him entertained by playing with toys, watching the Rangers, napping, watching the Cowboys, eating, watching the Rangers, sitting outside, watching the Rangers, etc. Micah says he's trying to train him early! I miss my boys when I'm gone, but it's so nice to get out for a little bit and have adult conversation. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kaden's First Field Trip

For those of you who don't know, my mom is a Life Skills teacher at one of the local high schools. When I was teaching, I'd get jealous of her cause she gets to go on so many field trips. We went on 2 a year; Mom goes on 2 a month. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think she does try to plan at least 1 a month. When I was teaching, I always wanted to take off and go with her as a chaperone. Well, now that I'm not teaching anymore, Kaden & I went to chaperone. :-)

 We went to the Blue Bell Creameries. If you're not from Texas, or one of the lucky states that Blue Bell has branched out to, you might not be familiar with Blue Bell. Let me just tell you, it's the best ice cream in the country! The main factory is about an hour from here, so we loaded up to go on a tour. When we went in there were Blue Bell hats for everyone. Above, you see Kaden sporting his. He actually did really well, and wore it until we walked outside and the wind took it away. I do believe it was the windiest day of the year. 
 As we went through the tour, I felt like we were on an episode of "How It's Made." We got to see all the workings of the factory & learn all kids of fun facts. Like: it takes 50,000 cows a day to supply milk to the Blue Bell Creamery. And Homemade Vanilla is still the #1 selling ice cream flavor. They produce it from 5:00am-4:00pm (the hours of operation) every day just to keep up with demand. Interesting, huh? Above is my mom, Kaden, and one of the PALS that works with the Life Skills students. She informed me that she's been adopted into our family, so she's Kaden's Aunt. Kaden didn't realize he had another Aunt. :-)
Here we are posing with Bessie (I don't think that's here name. I'm pretty sure it's Blue Bell). We had fun on our first field trip. We're going on another one with them next week (see what I mean!). Stay posted for pics from that one. It'll be a fun one!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting Uncle Brandon

This past weekend we went up to Dallas. Micah's oldest brother is in his last semester of law school up in Pittsburgh. He decided to take a much needed break from school and come down for the weekend to see family. He had never met Kaden, so we headed up to Dallas so they could meet. Other than visit with family, we didn't do too much. 
We sat outside...
 Kissed the dog...
 Played with the dog...
 Played with our toes...
 Picked some plants...
 Watched the trees...
 Sat with Grandma...
 Chewed our fingers...apparently they taste really good!!
 And met Uncle Brandon...the main focus of our trip!
Oh, and took multiple pictures with the creepy (when approaching the house in the middle of the night) scaracrows.
 Uncle Brandon, it was so nice to finally meet you! -Kaden