Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Double Date

This past weekend our friends Taylor & Jay came into town from Nacogdoches. Friday night, we dropped Kaden off with the grandparents and headed off for double date. 
 We went to a place in Katy that has several things to do. We partook in the batting cages and putt putt. I didn't take my camera, cause I wanted to be able to just have fun and not worry about carrying it around. So these are all iPhone pics. 
 We got the unlimited Putt Putt package...cause it was only $1 more. They had two courses.
 We played each course....every man for himself. Let's just say I lost...
 We also played two round couple against couple. We each won one.
 Guess that means we have to have a rematch to have a tie breaker! We had a great time with our buddies! 


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