Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Pool & Puppy Love

I've been neglecting the ole blog here. We've been really busy since daddy quit. Not accomplishing much on our Summer List, but staying busy still. Last week, we went and got Kaden a new pool. I think he likes it!
 Turns out we should have waited though, cause my parents went the next day and everything was on sale. Guess they're already starting to clear out the summer stuff. Side note: have you noticed Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff out already...crazy!!
 Anyway, Kaden didn't give us much time. As soon as his daddy had it blown up, and I hooked up the hose, he was in it. 
 You can't tell by the pics, but it was starting to get dark, so we knew he wasn't going to swim for long. He, however, had other plans. I think he's going to like his new pool.
 After we got him bathed and dressed, my brother came by with the puppy he had inherited from my sister. 
 Kaden was in Heaven!! I forsee a puppy somewhere in the distant future! He loves dogs...of all sizes! He's not scared at all. 
 He was having so much fun with that dog. 
 He would "tickle" her and shove is whole hand in her mouth while she chewed on it. He thought it was funny!
It was so funny watching him play with her. 
She's gonna be a big dog, and we're not quite ready for a puppy. But one day we'll get him his own dog friend!