Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Splashing Around...

We had to get outside to play and cool off in the water today. Last night Micah & I had a popsicle for dessert. I would bite off a piece and give it to Kaden. He liked it, so today I thought I'd give him one...since we were outside and he was about to swim. He got excited when he saw it. but he wasn't a fan of holding the cold popsicle. He's not really a fan of cold things. So after a few tastes, he was done and headed for the water.  

 This is him letting me know he's done, and I can have it. At least he shares! :)
 Splashing in the water was lots of fun! I threw in several balls an it made for a great time! I'll let you enjoy all the wet smiles! 


The Links said...

I wish you guys lived closer so our boys could play together. They would have a ball together!!