Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Ducks Like Us!

Last time we went to feed the ducks, Kaden just sat and watched the whole time. This time, however, he knew exactly what to do, and he jumped right in. 
 As soon as we pulled in and parked, the ducks came running. They knew what we were there for.
 He started off in Micah's lap feeding the ducks. Every time Micah handed him a piece of bread, he tried to stick it in his mouth. Apparently he was confused about who's snack time it was.
 He thought it was so funny whenever Micah would throw the bread, and then the ducks would attack it.
 After a few minutes, he decided he wanted down to feed the ducks himself. 
 He would throw the bread and laugh as the ducks ran for it. 
 Every now and then, he would accidentally, hit a duck with a piece of bread, and he thought that was really funny!
 He wasn't scared at all of all the ducks surrounding him.
 In fact, he would talk to them and try to pet them.
 After we were done, he was a little disappointed that all the bread was going. As soon as the food is gone, the ducks take off. They don't stick around to hang out. 
Kaden enjoyed the ducks again. I'm sure this will be one of our regular family outings!