Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last week my friend Melanie and I took our boys to the pumpkin patch. Yes, they're only 5 & 8 months old, but every child needs a fall picture in a pumpkin patch. So, we planned to meet at a church pumpkin patch that was close to her house. I got there first and realized there was no one there. I drove around the parking lot until I saw a sign that said Pumpkin Patch open 11 to dark. It was 10. I called her to let her know it wasn't open yet, but she was right around the corner. When she got there, she parked beside me so we could decided what we wanted to do. She started to convince me that there was no gate, no fence, we weren't going to steal pumpkins, we just wanted pictures, and we'd be done before anyone got there. I didn't really need convincing. I figured they trusted that no one was going to come steal pumpkins, or they'd have more security. I'm confessing all this, because we may have broke into a church pumpkin patch. But honestly, we just took pictures!!
 Kaden was not at all cooperative. He was in a good mood, but there was no smiling! It didn't matter what silly faces, sounds, voices, etc. I made. I tried all my usual tricks, but nothing worked!
 Look at that face! It's like he's letting me know there will be no smiling!
 Apparently he was just in a chill mood! Good thing he's cute no matter what kind of face he's making!
 I thought maybe if I sat with him, maybe a little tickle, I'd get a smile!
 Nope! But, we had fun. At least Melanie & I did anyway. I'm not sure the boys had any clue what was going on, except that their moms were acting crazy!
We tried to leave before anyone got there, but we were caught. As we were walking to our car, someone came out and asked if we needed help or found the pumpkins we wanted. We told them we were just taking pics. I don't think he was in charge of the pumpkin patch, but he told us he'd help us if we needed it. After we left, I felt like I should have bought a pumpkin. Maybe I'll go back. We're carving pumpkins this weekend, so I do need a pumpkin!


The Links said...

Pearson was the EXACT same way. No smiles. And I agree that even though they can't really have fun yet we have to have pictures to compare to next years pictures at the pumpkin patch.