Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy Babysits

On Monday nights, I go to a ladies Bible Study. We're going through a 12 week Bible study of Kay Arthur's "Covenant." It's been great! I totally recommend it! Anyway, since I get out for a couple hours to hang out with other ladies, daddy gets to babysit. At first I wasn't sure how well it was gonna go over. Not because I don't trust Micah, but because Kaden is a little bit (under statement) of a momma's boy. He's with me all day, so he comes by it honestly. And, the evenings tend to be when he's the grumpiest...not that he's always grumpy, but he's not always in the best mood either. Anyway, we are on week #5, and so far he's done great! Daddy keeps him entertained by playing with toys, watching the Rangers, napping, watching the Cowboys, eating, watching the Rangers, sitting outside, watching the Rangers, etc. Micah says he's trying to train him early! I miss my boys when I'm gone, but it's so nice to get out for a little bit and have adult conversation. 


The Links said...

P is a Momma's boy too. Matt just doesn't know how to soothe him like I do, so when I'm away from them I am always worried he is going to scream his head off. matt always does fine. I just need to quit worrying.