Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roomie Reunion

Labor Day weekend we headed to College Station for Micah's annual Roommate Reunion. This is our 3rd year to spend a night in CS with Micah's college roommates. We always watch an Aggie Football game, and then head to our friend Paul's farm to stay the night. 
 This was Kaden's first Aggie football game. (We're trying to brainwash him early!).  I wasn't sure how he was going to do, but I was pretty impressed. He made it through the 1st half perfectly. Around half time, he started to get a little restless. I can't say that I blame him. The 1st quarter was so long, and we were packed in like sardines!!
 At half time, him and I walked down to get some fresh air and stretch out. We found a bench to sit on, and he was perfectly content. The second half went a lot faster! We were so proud of our little Aggie this weekend! We can't wait to train him up the Aggie way!
It's been fun to see how our group has changed each year. First there were few spouses, and more fiances. Now we're almost all married, and there's 2 babies (only 1 made the pic.) Next year, there will be 4 babies. I wish we would have started the group picture sooner. But, I think it'll be fun to see how our group grows over the years!


Kory & Erin said...

Love the group picture idea! Why didn't we think of that earlier!! Sad we missed the night with everyone but when you through kids in to the mix now things change! It was great to see yall though!