Thursday, September 29, 2011

My 3 favorite kids!

See these kiddos? They're probably my 3 favorite kids in the whole, wide world! (The littlest one definitely is!!) ;)
 These are my bff Carrie's kids. I love them! Before I had my own baby, they were my babies! Unfortunately, right after K was born, Carrie & her family had to move to Dallas. I pray daily that it's a temporary move!! (hint, hint) :o) Anyway, last weekend they were down. I hadn't had a chance to get pictures of all three of our kids together. 
 It wasn't the best photo shoot. They aren't the most cooperative children, and it was lunch time!! But, we managed a couple. Those are two VERY handsome little boys!!
I can't wait to watch these kids grow up together!!