Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fair Time

It's fair time here in Fort Bend County. I'm typically not a fan of the local fair, but I haven't been in years & Micah had never been, so last Friday we decided to head out to the fair for a coupe hours just to walk around. 
 We took Daisy with us, and while we were there, we ran into some kids from the church. So, we hung out with them for a while. 
 Micah is quite the ladies man! ;)
 We had to document Kaden's first trip to the county fair! I can tell you one thing, after walking around & seeing all the kids, he will NOT be hanging out there with his friends. (unless Micah & I are right behind him!!) Kids these days are scary!!
 Kaden was very entertained by all the lights & sounds. I carried him in "the pouch" for several hours, and he never got fussy! He was very content. 
 We watched the girl ride a few rides. And laughed at them as they were screaming their heads off!!
 Look how happy that sweet boy is! He loves being outside, and there was so much going on for him to watch. 
 As you can see, the night at the fair wore him out! He passed out as we were walking out of the fair. There was so much excitement he couldn't take it anymore. 
The county fair is not one of my favorite places, but I did have fun with our little family & the kiddos we hung out with! I think it'll be fun to take Kaden when he's a little older to see the animals & ride some of the kiddy rides!