Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1st Foods

Last week we went to Kaden's 4 month appt. Dr. gave us the go ahead to start baby food. We started with plain rice cereal. Kaden was NOT a fan! I can't say that I blame him. Not only was he not use to the texture, but the cereal doesn't have much flavor. 
 We tried plain cereal for a few days, and then started with foods. We've experimented with apples, carrots & green beans. So far he likes all of them!
 As you can see from the pics, when we first started, he got more on his face, bib & hands than in his mouth. But, he's doing much better now. Before he couldn't figure out what to do with his tongue. He would stick it out, and out would come the food. But, he's getting the hang of it now.
 Eating is messy, but it's so much fun! It's fun to watch him make all the silly faces when he tastes something new & when he's trying hard to figure out this new eating thing. 
 I can't believe we are already in this new stage of Kaden's life! He's growing so quickly!!
We love our little man and the new stage of life we're in with him. It's been so fun watching him grow!!