Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Little Water Baby

We hit the pool again today. Grammy goes back to work on Monday, so she wanted to make sure we went swimming one more time before she had to go back to work. 
 As usual, Kaden enjoyed his time in the sun. It didn't take him long before he was sleeping in his floaty. 
 But first he had to pose for some pictures. Can you tell how thrilled he is? I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "mom, can you put my shade on and let me sleep already?"
 But, we had to get some pictures with Grammy & Aunt Daisy. No pool time would be complete without them. 
 Then we stuck him under the shade and let him be. He was pretty content the whole time. 
 He even sat with Grammy on her raft for a while. But we didn't let him enjoy the ride for too long. It was very hot, and the sun was very bright. Even though he was covered with plenty of sunscreen, I didn't want him out from under his shade for too long.
Today may have been the last pool visit this summer with Grammy & Aunt Daisy. We may squeeze one or two more visits in, but if not, we made today count!!


kadenspapa said...

He told Papa, "at least I didn't have to go to Hobby Lobby"

kadenspapa said...

Kaden me, At least I didn't 't have to go to Hobby Lobby!"