Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Beach Trip

This past weekend our church ladies went to Galveston for a retreat with another church. We had a great time!! Since I'm Kaden's food source, and just not ready to be away from him yet, he went with us. He was PERFECT the whole time. Several ladies commented that they never knew a baby was there. He was the only boy there, so he got LOTS of attention.
 During our free time we walked across the street to the beach. It was Kaden's first time to the beach. Grammy couldn't wait to get him there! 
 Obviously he didn't "know" he was at the beach, but he didn't mind the water. Just like bath time & pool time. 
 We didn't stay out for too long, but we had fun introducing Kaden to the water. 
 He looks like he's not quite sure what to think about it. 

 But he sure is a happy boy!!
 We had fun seeing and hanging out with Aunt Carrie!
 If mom & Grammy get their wish, we'll be hanging out at the beach a lot more!!
 I love this baby so much, and had so much fun with him this weekend! I was so proud of him, and loved showing him off to everyone!