Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 Month Old

Today Mr. Kaden turned 1 month old. I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone? The 9 months I was pregnant dragged by, but the first month with Kaden has flown by. It's crazy how much we've fallen in love!! Here's a little update on Kaden so far:

Stats: 7lbs, 11oz & 19in (at his 2 week appt.) We weighed him at home (which is not as accurate as the dr), and he was just over 9 lbs. He's a growing little porker, and he loves to eat!! We don't go back to the dr for 4 weeks, so we'll update stats on his 2 month post.

Sleeping Habits? He's doing pretty good. He usually goes 3 to 4 hours at night. Sometimes, I get lucky and he sleeps for 5 hours at night. Those are good nights!! During the day, he still sleeps quite a bit, but he's starting to be more alert and awake for longer amounts of time. He's usually up for a good stretch between 9 am & noon, and then again between 6 and 11. He'll take small naps during these times, but he's up more.

Eating Habits? For a while he was doing really well. He was like clock work, every 3 hours. I think the past week he's hit a little growth spurt or something. He's getting hungry and eating more often. Sometimes, I feel like he's permanently latched on. Usually the late morning hours, and the early evening hours, he eats a lot. Each feeding can last 30-45 min. So, you can imagine how I feel like he's always attached. I'm strictly nursing, so it's hard to tell how much he's eating, but when I pump or the few times I've had to use formula, he'll take 3 to 4 ounces each feeding. No wonder he's growing so well.

New tricks? He's only a month, so tricks are limited. However, I think he actually smiled at me for the first time today. He smiles a lot in his sleep, but today he looked right at me and smiled. Not quite sure I'm convinced it was a conscious decision, but I'd like to think so. We'll see if it happens again in the following days. He's been much more alert and looking around. I think he's starting to recognize familiar faces (mommy & daddy). He'll also turn his head if he hears me or Micah talk. He's getting better at pulling his head up and trying to hold it. At this point, it's hard to tell what's just reaction and what is a "new trick". I have a feeling next month we'll have more tricks.

Doctor Visits? We haven't been since his two week appt. ( Thank the Lord!) At the beginning we were going a lot, and having lots of test and heal pricks, so I'm glad we haven't had to go back. Last time we were there, Dr said he was right in the normal range for height (he had grown 2 inches since birth), and he was slightly under for weight, but Dr said babies these days are just bigger (kinda like adults), so he was perfectly ok with Kaden's weight. Since had had gained 10 oz in one week, he knew he was eating well and growing at a good rate.

General Observations?Everyone says he's a momma's boy. Hello...what do you expect when he's with me ALL DAY LONG, and 80% of it, he's nursing. I've been trying to let dad take over when he gets home in the evenings, that way they can bond too. We like to take walks. We've gone during the day, but it's even more enjoyable (and cooler) to go at night when Micah can go with us. He's happy in the car seat and stroller as long as it's moving. He cracks me up in the car, cause he'll be perfectly content as long as the car is moving and the radio is on. If the music stops, or we stop at a red light, he'll let us know he's unhappy. But, once we begin moving or the song resumes, he's a happy boy. He loves music. We keep it on (in some, swing, radio, tv music channel, computer, etc.) in our house all day long. He'll be napping in his swing, and as soon as the music stops, he'll fuss. I push reset, and he's happy again. Night time is the only time he sleeps in quiet...thank goodness for that since he's still in our room! He's a fun kid. We're just starting to see parts of his little personality, and we can't wait to see more of it come out as he grows up. Here's our little love bug at 1 month...

Working on Gig 'Em...he's a little confused!!


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