Monday, October 1, 2012

Thank You Pinterest {Toddler Activity}

I had pinned this activity on Pinterest, but when I click on the link it tells me that the website is no longer available. So I couldn't credit/link this activity. However, I could tell by the picture what to do; I didn't need directions. 
 Friday & Saturday were rainy days. And Micah & I have been passing an annoying stomach bug back and forth. So by Saturday afternoon/evening, our little guy was getting restless. I remembered this pin. It worked! Only 2 materials needed: pipe cleaners & a colander. 
 It kept him entertained for quite a while. And the materials stayed on the game room floor, so he keeps going back to it. 
 It took him a little while to figure out how to get the pipe cleaners to stay in the colander. 
 I think he had more fun just playing with the pipe cleaners. It was a new experience for him. 
 He was very focused and intent while playing.
 And when sticking them through the holes got old, he just flipped the colander over and started putting them in the bowl side. He's a genius I tell ya. 
So, mommies of toddlers, if you need an activity to keep your little one entertained for a while, try it out. 

Any other quick, easy & cheap toddler approved activities that are sure to keep your kiddos entertained???


The Links said...

So fun! I found something similar to this on Pinterest that I want to try. You cut little holes in a butter dish lid and then give them pom pom balls to stuff in the holes.