Thursday, April 18, 2013

Basketball Net {Kaden Approved}

The last time Micah's parents were in town, they bought this little basketball net for K. He loves "baketball." Although at first I'll admit I wasn't sure about our new kitchen decor, it has come in pretty handy. *Most* nights it keep K out from under my feet while I'm trying to cook dinner. And we've had several family games of "baketball." K was really good at shooting the ball, until his daddy adjusted the height of the net, now it's thrown his game off. But we still have fun playing. 

 So, while it's not exactly the decor I was looking at putting on the pantry door, it is definitely "Kaden Approved!" (And I'm pretty sure it's daddy approved too! :) And you know us mommies, if our kids are happy, we're happy too! 


The Links said...

We just might have to get one of those!!