Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Man Reads

I can always tell, even from the other room, when little man is "reading" a book. The tone in his voice changes. He loves books, and he'll sit and "read" by himself for a while. I've tried to get him on video, but he usually sees me and stops. I took this on my phone, so excuse the quality. I know I'm biased, but I could sit and listen to him "read" all day!


The Links said...

Love it!! Pearson does the exact same thing and he even points to the pictures too!!

Mrs. W said...

How stinking cute is he?! Love this!

The Links said...

Yes, please feel free to borrow these idea. A few of them I borrowed from other blogs!! I definitely have to have organization to my blog or else I just don't blog. This summer has been so nice to have my summer list because it has constantly given me things to blog about.

Are you still doing project life??

I have 4 layouts totally put together, I just have to journal about them and I have picture picked out and layouts designed for the next 4 weeks, I just have to get the pics printed today. I'm hoping to catch up by tomorrow!!! I just haven't been able to keep up with it this summer. But I'm glad that it's not completely overwhelming to get caught up again, that's what I love about Project Life.

And you should link your blogger profile to your e-mail address so people can directly reply back to your comments through e-mail. I blogged the directions a while they are......

Katy Link