Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Skeeter's Game

Saturday night was "Behind the Badge" night at the Skeeter's game. My dad is not a police officer. (But don't tell him that....he thinks he is!) ;) He is, however, the chaplain of our local police department, and they game him a family pack of tickets for the game. 
 When we got there, there was a really pretty rainbow. It hadn't rained, but we enjoyed it while it was out.
 It was so stinkin hot at the game. There wasn't much of a breeze at first. So, we took Kaden to the splash pad to cool off. 
 Almost the entire length of left & center field is full of playground, carousel, splash pad & swimming pool. It's the perfect family place.
 Dad's get to watch baseball, while moms & kids play in the park/water. Everyone is happy!
 Grammy & Kaden were excited to ride the carousel. 
 Look how he just kicked back and relaxed against Grammy while he rode the horsey. 
We had a great time with family at the game, while we showed our appreciation to all the men & women who help keep us safe!