Monday, July 4, 2011

Special gifts

Kaden has been blessed by so many friends and family with tons of gifts. Even before he was born, we were set & ready for him to come. We've been blessed in not having to buy any diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions, etc. so far. We are very grateful for everything that he (we) were given by friends and family. There are a few gifts I want to show off though. Kaden was given several homemade blankets. I love blankets, and I think these are extra special cause they were handmade with love.

The first two were made by one of my very good friend's (& college roommate) mom.

This colorful blanket was made by my Granny, Kaden's Great-Granny. She came all the way from Arkansas to meet him after he was born, and brought him this blanket that she had made.
This last one was made by my Nana, Kaden's Great-Nana. I think it's so cute. I was really surprised to get this one. She had told all of us that she wasn't doing any more sowing because it was getting to be too hard on her, but she work long and hard on this one for me. I was very excited to get it.
There's something extra special about a handmade gift (especially from a Grandma). We'll treasure all of these!!!
This isn't a blanket, obviously, but I love this!! My Aunt had this painted for Kaden. I love this Bible verse, and it's extra special when it's personalized!!