Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have been tagged....

Thanks to Erin!!

8 things I am looking forward to....
-Being a mom
-Being a stay at home mom
-Having the summer off! And enjoying every minute of it!
-Getting our wedding pics
-More vacations with my husband
-Joining a gym and losing weight
-Learning how to use my camera, and hopefully taking decent pics one day
-Buying a house!!! (SOON!)

8 things I did yesterday....
-Went to Hobby Lobby
-Went to Target
-Lunch at McAllister's with my faimly
-Shopped with Carrie (probably will be happening a lot!)
-Cooked dinner for my hubby
-Painted some flower pots
-Uploaded over 1,300 pics
-Cleaned our apartment

8 things I wish I could do...
-Buy a house already
-Take good pics
-Lose weight
-Be more organized
-Not have to work (or at least do something on my own!)
-Travel the world (with my hubby!)
-play an instrument (or two)
-go on a cruise

8 shows that I watch...
-Criminal Minds
-The Mentalist
-Lifetime Movies (yeah...I know)
-Bathroom Renovations
-Flip this House
-Ranger's games (not always by choice!)

8 people I tag...
-Rebeca Carpenter
-Sarah C
-I don't know who checks my blog. So if you're reading this...TAG! You're it!