Monday, February 2, 2009


So, it's been crazy in the Gilbert/McMahon lives lately! With only 40 days (seriously???) until the wedding, I am beginning to feel the stress that I hadn't yet felt. Things have been going smoothly, but we're getting down to the wire. I think we have plans every weekend from now until the wedding. We had our first shower this past weekend. It was given by my side of the family. It was super nice! I don't have any pictures yet, (cause my camera died, of course) but I will post them when I get them! Micah's parents came down for the shower, and they met my parents for the first time. All went well; we can finally breathe! ;) Micah's mom went with us to the shower, while him and his dad went to the shooting range! It just goes to show the difference between men and women. We like presents and they like guns!

We'll spend Valentine's weekend in Dallas for a shower on his side of the family, then we'll have one more for church and friends! I feel like we're already off to a good start! 

Nothing yet on the house! We're putting a bid on our third one. We keep saying "third one's the charm"...we'll see if it holds true! If not, we might be living month to month in an apartment until we find the "perfect" house! It's all good!!

I think that's about it for us. Just counting down the days. It's less than six weeks away! Hard to believe.......