Friday, January 18, 2013

Shoo Shoos {Kaden Approved}

Kaden has a small obsession with trains (and anything else with wheels) these days. He LOVES his shoo shoos. We were going to get him a train table for Christmas, but I couldn't see spending $150-$200 dollars on a table, so the day after Christmas I started scouting Craigslist. I found this beauty with all the tracks, buildings, trees, etc for only $60. I think this is the best Craigslist purchase by far!! He will walk around the table to play with the trains, but usually he ends up on the table, and right in the middle of the track! 

 Apparently it's better if you get down on eye level. 

Sometimes, especially when it's close to bed time, he gets really frustrated when his trains won't stay on the track. But most of the time, he just has fun playing! It's safe to say his train table is "Kaden Approved"!!