Monday, August 16, 2010


This past weekend we went to Dallas for a long weekend. It was the last weekend before I had to be back at work, and we wanted to get away one last time. Whenever we go to Dallas we have to fit all of Micah's family and friends in. However, this time, we went up on Thursday night and spent all day Friday together. We started at Six Flags. We were both a little nervous about the heat and crowds, but it turned out to be the perfect day. Other than the fact that it was 105 outside, and I thought I was going to pass out multiple times, it was a great day. We walked right up to every ride. There were NO lines!! It was great!!
It took me until I was probably 13 before I would actually get on a roller coaster ride. Now I like them. However, this one scared me a little...ok, a lot. It was 24 stories high, and you dropped at 85 miles an hour. I hate the "falling" feeling on rides, and this was the worst one ever. But, I still loved it, and I'm glad I rode it!!! I would have regretted not riding it!

After we spent the day at Six Flags, we drove across the street and spent the night at the Ranger's game. It turned out to be a great game, and we won! However, it was really long!! It went into extra innings and ended up lasting over 4 hours. After the fireworks show, we didn't end up leaving until after midnight. But, it was worth it!!
We had a great time together, and it was a great ending to my summer.
Thanks for the trip babe!! I love you!!!