Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Projects

So, I've had my great husband working on a few weekend projects. We moved in our house and had a lot more space than furniture. Although we bought several pieces, we couldn't afford to go out a buy brand new furniture for every empty space. So, I put my handyman husband to work. The first piece was this dresser. We bought it on craigslist for $50.

We (Micah) stripped the paint, sanded it down, repainted, and we added new knobs. Now it looks like this:

Next project. We took this hideous hutch from my parents. Not pictured is the top piece. It had glass shelves for china display. They were going to sell it or throw it out. So, we adopted it.

Again, a little stripping & sanding. We re-stained it and added new knobs. And, this is what we have:

Last, but not least, we needed a book shelf for our office area. My solution: buy one. My husbands solution: the words I so often hear, "I can build that." So, he did.

People have ben quite impressed with the book shelf. In fact, I think he's got 5 bookshelf requests right now. Looks like he'll be busy for a while...
That's why I keep him around!!! ;-)